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Hydrocodone is an effective opioid pain medication, at times called a narcotic. Acetaminophen is somewhat a less powerful pain reliever, which increases the overall effects of hydrocodone. Hydrocodone and acetaminophen is a combination drug used to alleviate moderate to serious pain. The medicine can stop or slow breathing and might be habit-forming. Thus, it becomes vital to take the doses as told by your general practitioner. Any change or alteration in dosages on your own will cause overdose, addiction and even death. An overdose can damage liver or even cause death. Get immediate medical help if you experience loss of appetite, pain in upper stomach, jaundice or dark colored urine. For best therapeutic results, Buy Cheap Hydrocodone online once you have obtained permission from your doctor.

Information of Dose:

Follow all the guidelines and directions written on prescription label. Don’t take hydrocodone 10/325mg for longer time or larger amounts than recommended. If the drug seems to stop functioning in relieving pain, inform your medical care specialist immediately. Always check the bottle to ensure you have got the correct tablets or capsules (same type and brand) of medication prescribed by doctor. Never share hydrocodone with another person, particularly somebody with history of addiction or drug abuse. If you need medical tests or surgery, tell the doctor in advance if you are taking this medicine.

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Adverse Effects:

Obtain emergency medical assistance if you experience symptoms of allergic reaction: swelling of throat, tongue lips; difficulty in breathing and hives. In rare cases, hydrocodone may cause a serious skin reaction, which can be deadly. This could even occur if you have consumed this medication in the past and experienced no reaction. If you experience a rash or skin redness, which spreads and causes peeling and blistering, stop taking hydrocodone. If you experience this kind of reaction, you must never again consume any drug, which contains acetaminophen.


Hydrocodone 10/325mg might impair reactions or thinking. Try to abstain from operating heavy machinery or driving until you fully know how hydrocodone and acetaminophen will affect you. Severe drowsiness or lightheadedness can lead to sudden falls and accidents. Ask a doctor before taking any other cold, sleep, or allergy medicine. Acetaminophen is incorporated in many combination drugs. Consuming certain products together could cause you to ingest excessive acetaminophen that can lead to fatal overdose. You should always check the label on bottle to see if a medication contains acetaminophen. Moreover, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages as this may increase the danger of liver damage when taking hydrocodone. Order Hydrocodone Online to heal pain after getting approval from a physician.

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